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Got a Drooling Baby? Here’s What You Need to Know

Got a Drooling Baby? Here’s What You Need to Know

Babies love to bite and chew on anything and everything. But excessive drooling increases the risks of rashes.

Babies are adventurous by nature and therefore, need a lot of attention and care. When it’s time for teething, they will grab anything in sight.

New mothers can become frustrated and confused by how many times they need to wipe drool from their munchkin’s mouth.

If you’re a new parent, it can be frustrating to deal with. That’s why with a little bit of care and patience, everything can be taken care of!

Here’s what you can do:

Use a Plastic-Lined Bib

Bibs are great for helping prevent messes. They’re incredibly useful when feeding your bundle of joy. But they help more than that! A plastic-lined bib can prevent drool rashes.

Just put one around your baby in the morning and take it off before bedtime. Don’t use a cloth one because when it gets wet, it will lead to a skin rash and constant irritation!

Since drool can’t sweep through plastic, plastic bibs are the way to go.

Wipe it off Properly

When you wipe off the drool, make sure you’re not rubbing the mouth and surrounding areas roughly. Instead, gently using dapping motions, or pat it dry.

Furthermore, make sure to pat dry the neck as well because leaving it can lead to irritation and a skin rash.

Rub the Belly

After you wipe of the drool, make sure to rub your little one’s belly so that they can pass gas and feel relaxed. This will help make them more comfortable because babies can get irritated after drooling.

Change Diapers

Make sure to change the diapers as well, if they’ve drooled all over themselves, to help them feel more comfortable.

If you notice a rash on the bum, or a burn, make sure to consult a pediatrician to find out which ointment you should use.

Other than this, you can use a teether to help make the teething process smooth. Your baby’s experiences should be comfortable and positive!

A teether can help make this possible.

Remember, you need to be patient with your bundle of joy and be with them every step of the way!

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