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Baby Cloth Diapers

Product Description

Disposable diapers are quite expensive, not to mention bad for your baby’s delicate skin. At Genio Baby, we care about your child, and our range of baby cloth diapers will save you money and keep your child’s skin soft and smooth. These cloth diapers are reusable and washable, highly absorbent and snug-fitting. In addition, they are better for both the environment and your budget, as compared to disposables.

  • Come with a 6 pack of washable microfiber inserts.

Make a smarter choice by purchasing these easy-to-use diapers today.

Baby Cloth Diapers

Genio Baby takes the lead in producing quality baby products. These cloth diapers can be adjusted to small, medium and large sizes, and fit snugly to prevent leaks. The material will not scratch at your child’s soft skin, either—it is manufactured to keep your baby as comfortable as possible.

Note: When sleeping, going outside or any other reason, you might need to place more than one inserts into the stitched pocket.

Key Features

  • Microfiber inserts provide high absorption
  • Pocket stitched in to place insert
  • Soft, breathable, and washable material
  • The super comfortable elastic legging area prevents leakage
  • These diapers are ideal for babies and toddlers between the weight range of 6.6 to 35 pounds
  • You don’t need to worry about the size, as the adjustable snap rows ensure a perfect fit for your baby
  • The washable feature allows you to reduce environmental waste along with your expenses

How to Use

  • Place the insert inside the pocket of the nappy
  • Close the rows of adjustable snaps in a snug fit for your baby
  • Change the nappy after every two to three hours, and/or when damp

Care Instructions

  • Before the first use, wash the diaper
  • Wash colors separately
  • Do not wash the diapers with other clothes

Washing Instructions

  • Knock the solids into the toilet and rinse off the residue
  • Machine wash and rinse off with cold water
  • Hang up the diaper(s) to dry in the sun, or tumble dry on low

Note: Do NOT wash the diapers at a temperature higher than 30°C (86 Fahrenheit). Do NOT use fabric softener or bleach.

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