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Little Pocket Turtle Hug, Mini Cute Animal Decoration Pocket Hug Turtle Stress Relief Toy, Special Encourage Birthday Wedding Party, Christmas Turtle Gift Decoration

Greeting Card

Genio Baby

Product Description

  • This endearing Turtle hug is a heartfelt and meaningful gift designed to convey your affection and care to your beloved ones, leaving them with a lasting reminder of your love. Whether you want to express 'I miss you' or 'I love you,' this charming token of affection is sure to warm their hearts and bring a smile to their faces.
  • It is such a small little gift but shows a a huge amount of care that you have for an individual that you want the to have a hug from you when they can. This seemingly modest token of affection beautifully reflects the depth of your care for someone, expressing your desire to share a comforting hug with them whenever they need it.
  • This turtle embrace is a heartwarming present to convey your 'I miss you' or 'I love you' sentiments to your cherished ones, ensuring they're cherished forever. It has provided solace during anxious moments for me and is undeniably valuable for an entire day when seeking a touch of reassurance.
  • Little pocket Turtle comes with an encouraging message card, fits in to your of the hand or pocket, hug Turtle contain deep feelings and meanings for friendship or love, Use a small hug to make others always think of your care.
  • Turtle are made of resin material, the size is 0.91 x 1.02 inch (2.3cm x 2.6cm), it can be easily put into your pockets, bags, wallets and more, which is convenient for you to carry it around.

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