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5 Smart Steps to Shopping for Your Baby Online

5 Smart Steps to Shopping for Your Baby Online

You’re eager to start baby clothes shopping and we don’t blame you. Your little one is due to arrive in a few months’ time and you want to have the best baby products for their care.

And since you can buy all you want online, there really is no need to delay this shopping adventure any further. But with so many deals and sales, how do you know you’re shopping at the right store, or buying the right things?

To help you, here are some smart steps to shopping, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood baby store!

1. Do Your Research for the Right Store

While a store might present their shiny new products on the front page, the real gist of whether their products are good enough is in the About Us section and the details. Read the types of materials they use, what quality, whether the product is environmentally-friendly – and compare their products to other in different stores. You’ll know whether your choice is the right one.

2. Don’t Be Tempted into Buying Newborn Clothes

Babies grow quickly during their first years, especially the first six months. Any clothes you buy in newborn sizes will only be worn 4-5 times before they become too tight. Instead, buy a six-month size rather than the three-month size. You’ll get more use out of them since they’ll fit for a longer time.

3. Opt for Functional Clothes, not Designer Brands

Your baby won’t care whether their onesie is worth $190 or $10, they’ll poop in both. Save yourself the trouble and buy functional, affordable clothing. Baby care items such as cloth diapers and rompers are usually available in packs of six for under $30. Be smart and buy inexpensive clothing.

4. Set Up a Detailed Diaper Station

Spend the money you’re saving from scaling back on the expensive rompers and onesies by stocking up for your diaper station. Keep a plastic mattress on your changing station, as well as a diaper caddy filled with different supplies such as creams, wipes, powder and diapers and place.

5. Don’t Buy Everything at Once

Put off some purchases until later. When making a shopping list, register for the most immediate things you need and put off everything else for later. You never know what you might get as a baby shower gift.

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