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A Short Guide to Picking Baby Blankets

A Short Guide to Picking Baby Blankets

As a parent, you understand that your little one needs specific products because they’re sensitive to the elements around them.

Our skin is accustomed to the fabrics and chemicals used for our everyday needs. However, since a baby’s skin is sensitive, it reacts more strongly to different things. Even if you do use an extra-clean and soft blanket, there will still be a chance that your little one’s skin may develop skin allergies or rashes, as a result of the detergent or fabric softener that was used to wash it.

As such, it’s important that you use the best baby products to keep them safe and comfortable.

What to Know When Buying Baby Blankets

Fabric Should be Breathable

Babies need a warm and snug environment (since that’s what they’re used to in the womb), but it should not be stifling. Always buy blankets that are made from breathable material such as Sherpa fleece.

Blanket should be Season-Appropriate

Keep your local climate in mind when shopping for a blanket. You don’t need a heavy blanket if you live in a warmer environment most of the time. Buy 2-3 light blankets for regular use and invest in a heavy blanket only for the cold nights.

Safety is a Priority

Decorations are a no-no.

Ribbons, fringes or tassels can become choking hazards. Always buy fuss-free blankets and leave the frilly ones for when your baby becomes old enough.

Get the Right Size

Baby blankets should not overwhelm your little one. If you’re unsure of the right size though, go for a blanket that’s the standard size i.e. 45” by 45”. If you get a blanket that’s one size too big, use it as bedding or a floor mat until your baby is old enough to use it.

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