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Baby Bib Tips and Tricks – What to Know about Baby Bibs

Baby Bib Tips and Tricks – What to Know about Baby Bibs

Using baby bibs doesn’t depend on your baby’s age.

Many parents use bibs for their newborns, particularly since they like to drool and spit up their milk. As for older children, having a bib protects their clothes from stains and messes when they start eating a solid food diet.

However, bibs don’t just serve to protect your little one’s fashionable clothing.

Your baby’s skin is very sensitive. Using any other cloth or even your own sleeve might cause their skin to break out because of allergens in the fabric.

Types of Baby Bibs

There are numerous types of baby bibs available, each designed to suit a particular need. For instance, bandana bibs serve as the best option for meal times. Their design allows the bib to absorb dribble. And since it’s tied securely behind the baby’s neck, your little one is able to wear it without pulling it off. Such bibs are secured with a snap button so there’s no worry of it snagging on anything or getting too tight either.

Other types of baby such as the coverall, scoop bib and sleeved bibs also keep your baby dry and warm.

Which Bib Should You Buy?

Buy Specific Bibs for Specific Ages

Newborns need their own size bibs. Extra soft and adjustable, these bibs serve well, especially if you’re nursing. Buy different size bibs beforehand so there’s no running around later, and try not to use the same bib for too long.

Make sure it has Adjustable Features

Imagine that your little one has just spit up their milk and are wiggling and crying because they want their damp clothes changed, ASAP. You can’t waste this time opening up a button on their bib or zipping down their onesie. Always buy bibs (or any baby-related clothing product) with magnetic or easy-to-open snaps.

Baby Bib Care Tips

  • Use scent-free or natural detergents when washing baby bibs. Such detergents are plant-based and avoid using chemical surfactants as ingredients so you’ll have no worries about your little one becoming allergic or reacting to anything that touches their skin.
  • Also, don’t use fabric softeners. While they may keep yourclothes smelling nice and fresh, they’re full of chemicals and preservatives. Another thing you can’t bring near your bundle of joy. Instead, use distilled white vinegar to remove any odors and disinfect them.
  • Fasten all bibs before washing them. If you’re using any bibs with Velcro in them, not fastening them beforehand might cause the Velcro to snag on to other clothes and items.
  • Dry them in the sunlight. Numerous studies show that sun drying or air drying can be very effective in killing in any leftover bacteria and germs. Pre-treat and wash the bibs, then hang them in the sun to fully dry.

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