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Baby Gift Basket – 3 Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

Baby Gift Basket – 3 Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

A special bundle of joy has arrived in this world and as an aunt/uncle, you feel it is your duty to shower that baby with love, care and of course, lots and lots of gifts. But how do you present them with the perfect gift basket?

Sure, you got that lullaby collection, adorable baby memorabilia from the little one’s parents’ time and little trinkets, but how do you add that extra special touch?

Here are three things you should add!

1. Sherpa Fleece Baby Blanket

Perfect for swaddling and for outdoor use, the double-layered Sherpa fleece blanket keep the baby comfortable and just warm enough thanks to the breathable material. Available in many neutral colors, these blankets are also large enough that they can be used as car seat covers, baby crib blankets and as stroll covers as well. These blankets are also useful when breastfeeding outdoors. Easy to wash, the blanket does not give off lint, so there are no worries even if your baby starts to nibble on them.

2. Collection of Baby Bandana Bibs

You can never have too many bibs. Made from soft, comfortable cotton that doesn’t irritate or scratch the baby’s skin, these bandana baby bibs are machine washable and durable. They’re also favorable because they have adjustable secure snaps, a welcome feature for many who don’t like those itchy Velcro tabs. Stylish and available in numerous unisex designs, you can buy these polyester fleece bibs for a great price.

3. Gift Set of 6 Cloth Diapers

We already know how useful cloth diapers can be. Super absorbent, waterproof and fast drying, these cloth nappies are made from premium material, have a snap feature, and offer a quality design that doesn’t allow leaks. Reusable and affordable, cloth diapers are a much better option than disposable diapers, not just because of their function but also because of their price.

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