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Cloth Diapers and a Guide to Maintaining Them

Cloth Diapers and a Guide to Maintaining Them

So you've decided to take the high road and replace all the baby products you had with green counterparts, and that includes diapers.

Cloth diapers - a great option if you know what you're doing with them – can be very effective in keeping your baby's skin clean, and your diaper budget under the line.

However, things can become confusing if you don't know the basics of maintaining them. How many do you buy? How do you wash them? How long do you keep them for?

As a purveyor of baby products including cloth diapers and more, Genio Baby are your best source for information!

All You Need to Know about Cloth Diapers

Types of Cloth Diapers

Here is a list of cloth diapers that are typically used:

  • Old-fashioned pre-fold diapers
  • Pocket cloth diapers
  • Fitted diapers
  • All-in-ones
  • Hybrid diapers

Out of all these, the most useful type is definitely the fitted cloth diaper, which can not only be used as a swimming diaper but can be worn casually with clothing as well. Made from absorbent material with elastic round the waist and legs, the fitted style of these diapers allows for easy wear and can be put on like underpants, so you don't even have to worry about the tabs coming off.

Buying Used or New Diapers?

Typically, it's better if you use new diapers. Since they're available for an affordable price, all you'll need to do is pay a bit of money for the first packs then keep using them. Cloth diapers are highly durable, so even if you plan to have another baby later on, you can stash these away and use them again when the time comes.

How Many?

If you're going to use cloth baby diapers full-time then 24 should be just fine. Although, if you buy 6 more, you can have an even 30 out of which you can keep a few in the car and in the diaper bag. Cloth diapers – again – are quite inexpensive, so you can splurge a bit and keep some extra few around the house in different rooms, just in case you need one quickly.

Maintaining Cloth Diapers

Here are some tips that should help you make use of the cloth diapers for a longer time:

  • Always use diaper-friendly detergent (popular detergents are fine, but they degrade the quality of the diapers over time)
  • Do not use commercial diaper creams while your baby is wearing diaper cream (the residue can damage the diaper cloth over time)
  • Wash diapers twice a week and use warm water and a heavy-duty wash to rinse them clean
  • Hang them out to dry in the sun. This will eliminate the stains and any odor present
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • If diapers become smelly or less absorbent, strip them by washing them in 4-6 turns in the machine with hot water. For added effect, use ¼ cup of vinegar to remove any leftover residue.

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Genio Baby offers quality baby cloth diapers that can be used for casual wear and even while swimming. Buy these diapers today and follow the instructions above to use these green products for a long time!

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