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Cloth Diapers—Is It the Right Choice for You?

Cloth Diapers—Is It the Right Choice for You?

There are numerous factors that influence the popularity of cloth diapers verses disposable diapers, many which you may not know about.

Why More People use Cloth Diapers


According to Investopedia, the average baby uses up more than 2,700 diapers in their first year. That amounts to around $550, and that’s if we consider the average price of a disposable diaper to be around $0.20.

By using cloth diapers that are priced at $36.99, even after factoring in the detergent and washing involved in cleaning these diapers, you still save a lot more than what you would if you only use disposable diapers.


Take in the environmental factors of the manufacture, distribution and disposal of disposable diapers, and you’re left with a very concerning result. Sources tell us that babies use almost 7000 disposable diapers in two and a half years. These diapers take up to five hundred years to decompose. And during that time, they sit in a landfill.

A cloth diaper, on the other hand, is used hundreds of times. And since you mostly use only 20-40 diapers in your baby’s lifetime, there’s no major impact on the environment from your part.


The chemicals and materials involved in the manufacturing process of these disposable diapers can expose your little one to some negative effects if they are allergic to them.

For example, cotton which is used in almost all diapers is also one of the most allergenic materials. Children with cotton allergies end up getting chronic rashes which in turn makes their sensitive skin even worse.

Often, cloth diapers use certified organic cotton, which benefits your baby’s skin through its fabric structure.


Cloth diapers come in many styles such as the pre-fold style and the hybrid style, which uses a cloth or a disposable absorbency layer. Though most parents use the pre-fold style diaper, parents also prefer the hybrid or all-in-one style since it’s more adjustable and convenient.

In comparison, disposable diapers are not as easily usable and can often be a hassle to put on, since their design is prone to slipping if your baby wiggles a lot.


So in short, yes. Baby Cloth diapers are a great choice for you if you seek an affordable, environment-friendly option. So now that you know, buy our soft cloth diapers for your little one from our Online Baby Clothing!

Offer them the care they deserve!

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