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Debate: Why are Cloth Diapers better than Disposable Nappies?

Debate: Why are Cloth Diapers better than Disposable Nappies?

For long, we’ve heard many people give their two cents on why cloth diapers are much better than the simple plastic disposable ones. The benefits are clear and the results lean heavily in their favor. Yet, people are still not convinced why they should opt for cloth diapers when they can just use the far cheaper plastic diapers and be done with them.

We’re here to tell it to you straight.

Contrary to Your Belief, Cloth Diapers aren’t Expensive…

Neither are cloth diapers a marketing gimmick for the green industry. Parents have used cloth diapers for centuries, not just because they’re far less expensive, but also because they’re good for the baby’s skin.

But let’s clear out the cost misconception. According to an AOL report, assuming that children use diapers until they’re 2 and a half, the total cost of reusable diapers would come up to $1,677.66, given that a reusable diaper would cost less. However, disposable diapers can ring up to $2,577.35. Clearly, cloth diapers are much less expensive.

Also, since they’re mostly made of biodegradable material, they also contribute to the environment after you’re done with them. Nationwide, statistics show that we Americans throw away 27.4 billion disposable diapers each year, that’s 3.4 million tons of garbage in landfills.

Cloth Diapers also Work a Lot Better!

Leaks with disposable diapers are a given. They shouldn’t be.

The purpose of a diaper is to be absorbent and tight enough that it’s a comfortable fit. And that’s their weakest point. With cloth diapers, you have a diaper made from absorbent material that’s not only soft on the skin but also leak-free.

Not to mention that it’s free from dangerous chemicals such as sodium polycrylate, the absorbent material that’s used in diapers. Although useful, this chemical has also been linked to toxic shock syndrome, as well as allergic reactions in children.

Cloth Diapers are Also Cuter!

Patterns, textures, colors – not something you can get with plastic disposable diapers.

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