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Does Your Baby Need a Teether?

Does Your Baby Need a Teether?

From crawling all over the house to playing in the dirt, and pulling the cat’s tail, babies love adventure!

That’s exactly why we have to keep a constant watch over them! This is especially true when the time for teething comes! With their newfound incisors, our little munchkins love taking a bite out of everything in sight!

So when the time comes, the most important question that pops up is, “Do babies need teethers?”

The Benefits of Teethers

If one thing is certain, babies love to explore. They are adventurers in their own right, grabbing and biting everything in sight!

Teething is a process that makes every parent anxious and yet, excited for. Your sweetheart will experience new things. It will be another milestone achieved!

So what’s the best way to support your bundle of joy and make sure they’re comfortable throughout the journey?

Investing in teethers is one way!

How do teethers help make the process more comfortable and better?

It Curbs Hunger

Suckling is something that is natural to both human babies and animals. Therefore, when your bundle of joy needs to get used to incisors, they need something to suck on.

Teethers allow your child to move their jaw and get more comfortable. In addition, this also helps curb hunger so that you can prepare your baby’s food without any rush.

It De-Stresses Your Baby

Teethers have soothing properties that distract your child temporarily. This gives you ample amount of time to take care of other responsibilities while your child is distracted and relaxed.

Since suckling and chewing is a vital part of teething, teethers help provide your child with the right amount of comfort and grip.

Furthermore, during teething, your child will drool a lot which can cause a rash on the chin. Teethers help avoid such situations that can lead to your child becoming distressed.

It Helps Soothe Achy Gums

One of the things about teething is that teeth start forming, your child’s gums can swell up. Teethers help combat this problem by providing the gums something smooth and soft to chew on.

Furthermore, they help with movement so your child becomes accustomed to chewing.

These are just some of the perks of using teethers when your child is going through the teething process.

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