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How to Save Money When You Have a Baby

How to Save Money When You Have a Baby

Financially speaking, bringing a child into this world and caring for them is not as easy as it should be. According to a 2010 USDA report, expenses for the first year of a baby’s life can be up to $12,000.

And for a new parent who’s already on a budget, the expenses can sometimes become too much. However, having a newborn doesn’t necessitate a financial crisis.

All you need is to be realistic about what your baby needs and plan your budget accordingly. It won’t be easy sticking to the plan, but in the long run, you’ll realize how beneficial this plan is.

Here, we present some tips that’ll help you save money with a little one in the house.

Ways to Save Money When You Have a Baby

Budget Your Breastfeeding Practice

Nurse if you can. Aside from being healthy, nursing your baby can save up to $1400 in just the first year since you don’t have to buy bottles, formula and other things. Also, try not to buy a whole other wardrobe just for nursing. Nursing tees aren’t that useful to begin with. All you need is comfortable, 1-2 special bras and a Sherpa baby blanket for cover if you need to breastfeed outdoors.

Be Conscious about Baby Clothes

Babies don’t care about brands. Don’t waste money on expensive clothing. Instead, go for functional dresses and rompers. Choose unisex styles and shades and buy clothes in bulk i.e. in packs of six. Bundles of clothes, diapers and rompers will cost less and come in handy in case the baby decides to spit up some milk.

Look for Furniture that Does Double Duty

For example, use a travel tray for outdoor trips. Travel trays can be quite handy for those times when you need to distract your little one and stay organized at the same time. Also, get rid of crib pillows. While they may look cute, crib pillows are basically useful. Also, keep a separate baby care bag in your car and stock it with three cloth diapers, diaper rash cream, wipes, an extra romper, a baby bib and a small snack. You never know when you might need it.

Feed with Care

Instead of buying baby food, make it at home. A ripe banana or mashed steamed zucchini is just as delicious as that tiny jar of over-expensive baby food. Search online for baby food recipes and make them at home. Alongside, stock up on bandana baby bibs. More practical than your regular bibs, these can also be used when your baby starts teething.

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