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The Diaper Debate – How Long Should Children Wear Diapers for?

The Diaper Debate – How Long Should Children Wear Diapers for?

You'd think that a child would be potty-trained by the time they're three years old. But according to a report, parents are still using diapers for them because they don't know how to train them properly.

What's the Problem?

While making a transition from diapers to the toilet is difficult for some children, it's not impossible to train them, even if it is at a young age. Of course, this is not to shame some children who have clear medical issues. However, if parents want their children to develop, they need to train them properly, and at the right time.

The report states that while children would by potty-trained by 18 years of age in the 1950's, the age has now risen to 35 months for girls, with 39 months for boys. And for many parents, the age even exceeds that, with some not potty-training their children until they're four or five years old. And that's a big issue because if children still use diapers by the time they get older, this causes them to develop problems. They have accidents; suffer from anxiety and on a medical level, can even get hepatitis B because of disease transmission.

Deciding the Right Time to Take them off Diapers

Before, it was believed that a child should be out of diapers by the time they turn one. However, this was because most parents used to use cloth diapers and washing those diapers was a problem. As such, parents would train their child to use the toilet long before they celebrated their first birthday.

After the invention of the washing machine and due to some marketing campaigns set by diaper companies, people started believing that a child could use diapers until they were 24 months old. It is only now that children aren't expected to be out of diapers until they're three years old.

Typically though, it is agreed that while three years old is too old, parents can start training their children after they've crossed their 18th month. It takes time to train your child. So even if they aren't emotionally ready to move on from diapers, they'll be able to feel normal using the toilet when the time comes.

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