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The Right Way of Buying Baby Clothing Online

The Right Way of Buying Baby Clothing Online

When it comes to buying clothes for your little one, always think affordable and reliable, rather than expensive.

Of course, you want your baby to wear the best clothes that money can buy. But between burping accidents and dirty diapers, your bundle of joy might not be able to wear your lovingly bought onesies and rompers for long before they have to go in the wash.

Instead, buy your baby clothes online by following the tips below and save up on their wardrobe!

Tips to follow when buying baby Clothes Online

Choose One Size Ahead of Their Age

Keep in mind that babies grow quickly, so buying a size ahead would save you from purchasing more clothes when they hit their growth spurt. Baby clothes are available in 8-9 sizes, ranging from newborn to 48 months. And in many cases, babies aged 6 months end up wear clothes for 9-12 month olds.

Be Selective

Babies aren’t fashion-conscious. Instead of wasting your money buying expensive tops, vests and tights, mix in more affordable labels with some reliable classic brands. This will give you a full wardrobe that’s not only useful but also less costly.

Don’t buy all Clothes at Once

Don’t bother buying a whole years’ worth of clothes in one go. You’ll only need a handful of baby clothes during the newborn days. Wait until you can determine which size will fit them before buying.

Affordable Baby ProductsConsider what’s Easy to Take Off and Put On

Babies wiggle a lot, so any clothes with a lot of buttons are out. Buy clothes with magnetic snaps or zippers, stretchy arm and neck holes and snaps at the collar as well to make it easy to slide the neck hole over your little one’s head.

Stay Away from Any Added Bits and Bobs

Things like bows, buttons, appliqués, flowers and hooks might look cute, but they can come off and become a choking hazard. Many companies like Genio Baby avoid adding such decorations to their clothing stocks because of this particular fact. Be aware when buying clothes with such decorations and give them a good tug to make sure they don’t come off later.

Stock Up on Fleece Blankets and Baby Bibs

High quality baby fleece blankets and baby bibs are an everyday essential. While a fleece blanket protects your little one from the cold, the bib protects their clothes from spit or milk stains. Never use household rags or clothes in lieu. Remember, your baby’s skin is a lot more sensitive than an adult’s. Their skin may react to the fabric’s harshness.

Make Smart Purchases at Genio Baby!

As one of the leading baby online shopping sites, we offer premium affordable baby products.

Manufactured with love and care, we provide the very best for your little one’s health and safety. Buy products from our site today and keep your bundle of joy in style with an affordable and fashionable wardrobe!

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