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The Right Way to Swaddle a Baby

The Right Way to Swaddle a Baby

Contrary to popular belief, swaddling your baby isn’t rocket science. While couples who’ve already had a child or two often like to scare first-time parents by painting the process as some gargantuan task, trust us when we say that swaddling your newborn is a simple enough task.

Given the fact that swaddling helps suppress the Moro reflex of your child (thereby essentially guaranteeing them a good night’s sleep), it’s easy to see why all new parents are desperate to learn this art.

To help them out, we’ve written a step-by-step guide that will make swaddling your baby simple and hassle-free! Before we begin, it’s important to note that you should always use a thin blanket so that your loved one doesn’t overheat or feels uncomfortable through the night.

That being said, here’s all you need to know about swaddling your child!

Step #1 – The Diamond Formation:

The diamond formation is relatively straightforward. Take a thin blanket and spread it on a flat surface in the shape of a diamond. Fold the top end of the blanket and place your little one (with their back down) on the blanket such that the child’s neck is in line with the top fold.

Step #2 – Tucking the Right Side:

Take a hold of your child’s right arm and gently position it to its side. Once in this position, take the left corner of the blanket and wrap it around the baby’s arm. Now, simply tuck this corner under your child’s body and you’re good to go!

Step #3 – Tucking the Left Side:

This step is pretty self-explanatory. Take hold of your baby’s left arm and gently maneuver to the side of their body. Now with your baby firmly in position, take the right corner of the blanket and tuck it under the baby’s body.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When performing steps 2 and 3, it’s important not to go overboard by tucking them in too tightly. Always make sure that they have room to bend their hips.

Step #4 – The Finishing Touches:

Now that you’ve tucked in both sides of the blanket, you’re ready for the final steps. Simply grab the right corner and pull it across your baby’s front and wrap it around their back. Congratulations, your baby is now a burrito!

Cloth Diapers

And that concludes our guide to on how to properly swaddle a baby. As much as it’s important to get the technique right, you also need to use the right blankets as a thick one will cause your child to overheat, while an extremely thin one will make it easier for them to break free!

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